Benefits of Prefabricated Aluminium Balustrades

In recent years builders and architects have been looking to aluminium balustrade as an alternative to both timber and steel.

Aluminium is a light weight, high strength material which is often chosen because it will outlast other popular balustrade materials like timber and steel.  Aluminium is also a cheaper option than say steel or iron but offers all the same durability and strength.

The problems with a standard aluminium balustrade

The reason that many builders and architects have been turned away from using an aluminium balustrade in the past is due to several reasons:

  • Long lead Times
  • Expensive labour
  • Inconsistent welding
  • The welders are rarely certified
  • Finish needs to be applied after assembly
  • No testing of the system for compliance

The Benefits of a prefabricated aluminium balustrade

Before the Ultralox system was introduced to Australia the only method for aluminium balustrade was the previous manufacturing methods, which especially with the lack of system testing for compliance would turn many people off the product.

The Ultralox system allows Systemo to prefabricate balustrade all in Australia with the Ultralox interlocking machine. What does this mean?

All balustrade is made consistently on the one machine.

Because the railing is all machine manufactured every rail will look the same, this gives any project a stylish and professional finish without the concern of inconsistencies and the potential to have to hold up project deadlines for replacement railing if there is a major manufacturing defect.

Lightning fast turnaround times

Because the product is machine manufactured an order can be placed within 24 hours of delivery requirement, much faster than the previous methods.

Not only does the manufacturing time drop dramatically, installation on site is halved and can be done with the help of a library of installation videos!

Ultralox is fully tested to meet ICC-ES AC273 and AS1170 requirements

Because the Ultralox system is machine manufactured and each railing is identical Systemo can test and test again to ensure the system is 100% compliant to Australian standards. 

With traditional Aluminium balustrade systems, it is very hard for producers to be able to replicate railing systems to undertake the testing required to pass for compliancy.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the Ultralox system you can contact a representative by calling 8646 3377 or filling in the contact us form on our website.