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Thanks to an overwhelming list of benefits, builders and architects are switching to aluminium balustrades as an alternative to timber and steel railings.

Aluminium is a lightweight, high-strength material often chosen because it will outlast other popular balustrade materials like timber and steel. Aluminium is also a cheaper option than steel or iron while still providing the same durability and strength.

Despite its long list of benefits, many builders have avoided aluminium balustrades, primarily due to compliance issues. Unlike subpar aluminium railings of the past, ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY is a fully prefabricated, engineer-approved railing system designed for commercial and residential applications. 

Beautiful and durable, ULTRALOX railings are available in easy to install, convenient kits and customised railing systems to make your projects stand out from the crowd.

Beautiful, durable and easy to install! ULTRALOX prefabricated engineer-approved aluminium balustrade railings trump the competition. Discover the overwhelming benefits our prefabricated system can bring to your next project. 

Past Problems

Older balustrades with aluminium often suffer from several issues, including:

  • Long lead times
  • Expensive labour
  • Inconsistent welding
  • The welders are rarely certified
  • Finish applied after assembly
  • No compliance testing

Before the ULTRALOX system came to Australia, aluminium balustrades were manufactured using old and outdated methods. Moreover, the lack of system testing for compliance with these methods turned many people away from early aluminium balustrade products.

Our new and improved prefabricated, engineer approved method manufactures premium powder-coated aluminium picket and glass balustrade systems for decks and patios with low-maintenance living in mind.

What does this mean?

Because every railing is machine-manufactured, each one is identical, enabling a consistent and professional finish without the risk of needing replacement railings if there is a significant manufacturing defect.

Thanks to our incredible machines, our systems are repeatedly tested against all relevant balustrade standards in Australia (ICC-ES AC273 and AS1170), making them 100% compliant. And they come with a 20-year limited warranty, covering cracking, peeling and blistering of the finish of our products.

Orders can also be placed within 24 hours of delivery, making ULTRALOX much faster than the previous methods.


Unlike timber railings, ULTRALOX does not require the same amount of care and attention. To maintain your balustrade, clean using warm water and a non-abrasive, pH neutral (pH 5 to 8) detergent solution with a soft cloth or sponge. 


Prefabricated aluminium balustrades enable complete customisation. Whatever your taste or style, ULTRALOX can provide you with a white, black or bronze railing colour railing, alongside your choice of infill style from pickets to glass. With a range of options, you can choose from an ultra-modern style or opt for the more traditional victorian profile. Our Revival profile is ideally suited for all of you Goldilocks’ that want something in-between.

The ULTRALOX Difference

To learn more about the benefits of the ULTRALOX system, contact one of our representatives by calling 8646 3377 or filling in the contact us form on our website. Then once you’re ready to install, check out our library of instructional videos to cut your installation time even further.