Ultralox Railing

Suppliers of Australia's most innovative balustrade system


ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY offer balustrade for both commercial and residential projects using ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY patented interlocking machines.


The ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY range of balustrade is available in a range of styles, designs and colours.


Comprehensive installation videos and instructions to save you time and money.


We value our customers

ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY believe in creating a lasting relationship with our customers. We are focused on servicing your needs and understanding your job requirements.

We believe it is important to understand what challenges you face, and provide products which aim to improve your on the job efficiency while offering solutions to these challenges. All while providing the very best customer service and the most competitive price possible.

  • Highly experienced team and support
  • Fast online quoting service
  • Competitive pricing against traditional hand rail
  • Dedicated customer support number
  • Installation instructions
  • Installation videos
  • Extremely fast lead times


Why Choose aluminium over wood?


Fast and easy to install

Cut your labour time in half! Wood panels take on average of 20 minutes to install, they are labour intensive and even after installation require filling and painting! ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY Pre-assembled aluminium panels can take as little to five minutes to install and require none of that after installation work.

A guaranteed maintenance free product

We understand product selection may be up to you, or it could be up to your client, in either instance have you, or your client, thought about the long-term costs of wood? They may be cheaper initially, but they require continuous maintenance, which over the years adds up to be less cost effective than the aluminium option.

Even with regular maintenance your wood product may last 5-10 years, with a 20-year guarantee, Ultralox aluminium railing system provides a strong, long lasting option which is virtually maintenance free.


Happy Customers

ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY like to see happy customers, and not just ours, we want your customers and end users to be happy too!

By choosing an aluminium railing option you remove the risk that your wood railing panels will warp, bow, crack and move, which in turns leads to not so happy call backs from customers and end users.

Australian Standard Balustrades | BCA Regulations

In Australia, builders have to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) which specifies a number of different requirements for balustrades, stairs and handrails. This is true whether the balustrade is indoors or outdoors, on a landing or patio, or many metres above the ground in blocks of units or multi-storey commercial developments.  When … Continue reading Australian Standard Balustrades | BCA Regulations

Ultra-Fast Installation

Keeping your job on track is critical, no matter what project you’re working on. For construction professional, time is money so make sure you’re making the smart choice when it comes to aluminium balustrades.  Enabling extremely efficient on-site installation, the ULTRALOX balustrading system was designed with building contractors in mind. Created to address the common … Continue reading Ultra-Fast Installation

Benefits of Prefabricated Aluminium Balustrades

Before the Ultralox system was introduced to Australia the only method for aluminium balustrade was the previous manufacturing methods, which especially with the lack of system testing for compliance would turn many people off the product.


    For a quote on your residential or commercial project please complete the form below.

    To assist us in completing an accurate quote please attach;

    • Any plans you may have of the project in PDF format (5MB maximum file size)
    • A hand sketch of your deck or balcony including dimensions if you do not have plans, sketch should be in PDF format (5MB maximum file size)
    • Photographs of the area you where you wish to install the hand rail in jpeg format (5MB maximum file size)

    (note: the Ultralox system is easy to install as it requires no welding, for installation videos and instructions go to the installation page on this web site)